Online Training Plan for Trainers

– The Plan Objectives:

To ensure that all training staff has the necessary expertise and skills, in addition to effectively deal with the e-learning technique.

  Basic Skills Needed:

  • How to use virtual classes
  • Utilizing learning management systems to access course content.
  • Electronic training skills.
  • Communication and interaction in virtual classes

Training Methods and Resources:

  • Electronic training (asynchronous) through online webinars provided by the training platform or official website.
  • Electronic training through published material on the official website.

Target Groups:

  • Trainers

– Asynchronous e-training through the training platform (always available)
Training courses and resources have been prepared. Through the platform, trainers can access the courses at any time and even after attending.

– Electronic training through published materials on the official website

Short videos from virtual classes explaining the electronic training system tools

Training program on how to use technology and required training skills for the e-training environment of 1444 H

Session Training style
Use of technology through the electronic training system Asynchronous
Developing electronic content through the electronic training system Asynchronous
Teaching skills and methodologies through the electronic training system Asynchronous
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