Full Potential Transformations & Development are at the core of what we’ve done at Asaseeyat since founded in 2013.

While the term transformation can mean many things, we define it as: a cross-functional effort to optimize People, Courses and Processes to lead to a strategic road map of a business, with a clear target of producing a satisfactory outcome.

With the ever-increasing demands of the business world today, Organizations must continuously ensure that their employees’ skill sets are updated and developed to stay ahead of the curve. Statistics show that the most important asset leading businesses is the quality of their employees; thus, keeping employees trained is the key to a company’s success. That is where Asaseeyat Academy comes in.

Therefore, Asaseeyat consulting Service founded Asaseeyat Academy. Asaseeyat & its partners, is one of the major regional leading training companies. After the pandemic of COVID 19, we increased our focus on eLearning. We created courses that will benefit many people to increase their learning and advance their career. Our eLearning courses are made to accommodate everyone’s needs. Courses to help employees expand & optimize their knowledge of various subjects. The contents of the courses are made using state of the art technological tools.

We are bringing hundreds of topics to your organization, topics which are designed by experienced and certified trainers from all over the world. We offer a variety of content levels, so that all employees with all various experiences and educational background will be able to benefit from the training.

Our mission is to help your organization to reach its goals by equipping you and your employees with best in class learning and knowledge you need to pursue your work with excellence.

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