Online Training Plan for Trainees

– The Plan Objectives:

To ensure that all trainees have the necessary expertise and skills, in addition, to effectively deal with the e-learning technique.

– Basic Skills Needed:

  • How to use virtual classes
  • Utilizing learning management systems to access course content.

– Training Methods and Resources:

  • Electronic training (asynchronous) through online webinars provided by the training platform or official website.
  • Electronic training through published material on the official website.

– Target Groups:

  • Trainees

– Asynchronous e-training through the training platform (always available)

Training courses and resources have been prepared. Through the platform, trainees can access the courses at any time and even after attending.

(A link to asynchronous training schedule must be added)

– Electronic training through published materials on the official website

Short videos from virtual classes explaining the electronic training system tools

Training programs to prepare the trainee how to use the technology and the required learning skills for the e-training environment for the year 2024

SessionTraining style
The course progress rate through the e-learning systemAsynchronous
Virtual Classes schedules through the e-learning systemAsynchronous
My e-courses through the e-learning systemAsynchronous
Evaluation through the e-learning systemAsynchronous
Course content via the e-learning systemAsynchronous
Solving and submitting tests through the electronic platformAsynchronous
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