We are pleased to introduce our eLearning Team! We work hard every day to enhance the quality of learning and development in the region, and beyond, through personalized, guided, online courses. We strive to provide a professional and positive environment focusing on eLearning values.

Awfa Faroun
CEO Asaseeyat Academy​

Develop strategic plan for optimized productivity in the Asaseeyat Academy.

Review and improve organizational effectiveness by developing processes, overseeing employees, establishing a highly motivational work environment, and implementing innovative changes to the academy.

Adhere to company policies and standards for excellence and quality.

Seek out opportunities for expansion and growth by developing new business relationships.

Provide guidance and feedback to help others strengthen specific knowledge/skill areas.

Mahmoud Faroun
Operation Director

Develop, implement, and monitor day-to-day operational systems and processes to provide visibility into the goals, progress, and obstacles of key initiatives.

Plan, monitor, and analyze key metrics for day-to-day operations to ensure efficient and timely completion of tasks.

Adhere to the company’s policies and standards, and ensure that laws and regulations are being followed.

Reach out to Mahmoud by email:

Hossam Ali
IT Support Manager

As a director of IT , Hossam is responsible for monitoring technical operations infrastructure, managing and tracking technology in order to: Obtaining business objectives, Reduce the danger of security breaches, Boost customer satisfaction and Keep operations and systems running smoothly

Hasan Ahmad
Customer Support Manager

As a customer support manager , He is responsible for all customer complaints to register these complaints and resolve in a timely manner . He is also responsible for all update and upgrade of the technical apps with the LMS.

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